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Here you can stay up to date with the most current version of the partypoker client software, and learn all about the new features that come with each update.

August 2018 - Windows

At partypoker, we are continuously looking for ways to improve our product in line with player feedback. In our latest update, we have made a number of software improvements to enhance the player experience.

The key highlights of our August update include:

Chips / Big Blind toggle

Players can now toggle between displaying their chip stack and the number of big blinds they have - simply left click on the chip stack to make this change! This change will only apply to the table where the adjustment has been made. Also, the option to apply the changes across all tables has now been added into Table Options. Players can choose to apply the changes to different formats of poker, or across all tables.

partypoker Ambassador, Patrick Leonard loves the new feature: "It’s much more important for tournament players in particular to understand how many big blinds they have, and being able to toggle with a single button click means players don't have to try and calculate how many big blinds they have left. Anything that makes the game simpler to play, is a positive development"


Brand new table

Initially for PC, we’ve upgraded many aspects of our table. This includes a more modern player plate with larger hole cards, improvements to player notes, bet slider changes and a customisable table felt and background, which all contribute to an improved overall table aesthetic.

All of these updates will also be delivered for Mac users very soon.


Old table vs new table

Custom buy-in range

This feature allows you to filter tournaments to only display a specific buy-in range, making it incredibly simple to find your next game. This is available as a direct pop-up, but has also been integrated into the buy-in range filter.


Custom buy-in range

Mix-Max poker

Experience a tournament format that is new to partypoker. The number of seats on the table reduces after a set blind level, for example, play switches from 8-handed to 6-handed after blind level 10.

Players can try out Mix-Max for the first time during POWERFEST this September, and it’s available across all devices.

Showdown on Checkdown

If a cash game hand is "checked down" to a showdown on the River, both players will now reveal their hands. Players’ hands will also be available to view in the hand history and instant hand replayer.

12 SNG Jackpot Games

Players can now select up to 12 Sit & Go Jackpot games at the same time.

Additional features

We have made a number of other enhancements to our poker client, including pop-out filters on Mac and a new digital countdown timer. It’s not just feature improvements, we have also fixed a number of bugs.

Try out the brand new table features – log in and start playing now!

May 2018 - Windows

Responsive Lobby

The easily adjustable new lobby makes it simple to find a table, and allows you to move it freely across the screen.


Responsive Lobby

Pop-out Filters

You can now apply game filters without having to scroll! Simply select the values you would like and click ‘Apply.’


Pop-out Filters

Cash Game Lobby

There’s now more information readily available to players looking to join a cash game! Stats such as the average pot size and the percentage of players seeing the average flop are now clearly displayed in the lobby.


Cash Game Lobby

February 2018 - Windows

At partypoker we're committed to listening to your feedback, continually introducing fresh features and improving table aesthetics to provide you with the ultimate poker experience.

New oval table

The latest update sees the introduction of the new oval table, combined with updated player plates and layout.

If you're a fan of the racetrack view you will be pleased to know that this remains an option under table themes.


Oval table

Modern player plates

Player plates have been updated to display chips and screen names more clearly.


Hole cards are now easier to distinguish, and you have the option to display hole cards side by side by turning off display player image under table themes.


Improved player notes

You now have the option to colour code your opponent's player plates, in addition to hovering over aliases to view player notes.


Player notes

New card decks

Card decks have been updated to work with the new table theme. You can select from one of the following via the theme tab, under 'Settings':

  • Classic (Default)
  • Inverted
  • Modern

All options will be available in both 4-colour & standard deck variants.


Card deck customisation

Further table updates coming soon include:

  • Full-screen table
  • Option to display Big Blind count
  • Bubble chat
  • More customisation options to personalise your experience  

December 2017 - Windows

Full Screen functionality

View tournaments and cash games with greater clarity! Find the game of your choice with the new full screen mode - you can always switch back to the original size if preferred.


Full screen functionality

Live Events Tab

The new Live Events tab enables you to filter satellites by region, location and event, making it ultra-simple to find your tournament of choice.

Currency Switcher

There’s now the option of switching the currency in your account to US $. You’ll have the correct cash ready to hit the tables!


Account currency switcher

Tournament Search

Target your next tournament with the precision of a seasoned archer. The new Tournament Search feature allows you to focus on tournaments tailored to you, only showing games that meet a given criteria. Simply apply filters to a range of categories and then sign up!


Tournament search bar

My Tournaments

With all the fast-paced card action it’s easy to lose track of the tournaments you’ve signed up for! My Tournaments allows you to monitor your poker schedule with minimal fuss.


My Tournaments Tab

Flighted Tournament Satellites

You play satellites for a reason – to take a seat at the main event. As well as having a complete list of satellites in the tournament lobby, you can now click directly through to your target tournament.


Target Events

Display of ‘Special Bounty’ icon and value

Watch out for the new Special Bounty. If you knock out a player who displays a circular black & orange icon on their avatar, expect a prize!


Special Bounty

August 2017 - Windows

New Darker lobby & table theme

Overall, the contrast improves the readability and visual appeal of key information. In addition, the actual gameplay experience is further enhanced by a traditional green felt table and a more prominent player plate, indicating the player’s turn.


New partypoker lobby


New partypoker table

New navigation and filters

  • By removing the left-hand navigation and relocating secondary information into a dropdown menu, we’ve created a wider area in which to display game information in a more accessible, visually-pleasing way.
  • Players will have more immediate access to T$
  • The play money lobby has been updated with the same navigation as the real money lobby to provide a more authentic experience.
  • The selector which allows players to switch between real money and play money has been conveniently relocated to the bottom left of the lobby.
  • Collapsible filters allow for quick and easy navigation with a clean interface.

New navigation and filters

New & improved casino

The new format provides a more personalised gaming experience by allowing players to see their recently played games and gives them the ability to mark their favourites for quick and easy access.


New partypoker Casino lobby

Improved Sit & Go Jackpot lobby

We’ve made it easier for players to differentiate between 3 and 4-handed games, whilst also giving them the option to select more than 4 games.


Improved Sit & Go lobby

Easier My Account Access

A dropdown menu right from the username (rather than the previous left-hand navigation) allows players to quickly access their My Account and Loyalty Rewards info.


Easy account access

Removal of One-click lobby

Due to its unpopularity amongst players, the One-click Lobby was removed and replaced with this simpler, cleaner option that’s easy to navigate and visually appealing.

Enhanced security enabled on local machine

Depending on your computer’s operating system you may need to allow for security checks. If the flagged file has the name PL.exe, it is our software and can be trusted.